Introduce Technology For Keywords

  • Advanced design technologies

    Superior pattern design by our certified (JPCA level one and two Certified Printed wiring Designers) design engineers.

  • Short delivery shift

    Design support, using two shifts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Impedance control wiring

    With simulations and comunication with the manufacturing site, we are able to design patterns with emphasis on impedance control.

  • DFM verification

    With almost 300 design rules used in designing, we are able to detect problematic processes and improve prior to manufacture, thus cutting down the number of prototypes needed.

  • EMC design services

    Using 39 chapters of Electronic rules regarding EMC, SI, PI, etc, we are able to instruct EMC design effectively.

  • Silicone free

    Type zero (0) contains no Siloxane.

  • Environmental conservation / cost-reduction

    Repairs to Magic resin (reforming), recycling of the carrier base material, and shaping of the resin to customer demands.

  • Response to a high-speed signal

    With our Lamination technology that creates even thickness on each layer, and our conductor processing, we are able to create a highly stable impedance controlled product.

  • High density

    High density boards utilizing Laser drilled vias, Fill-plating, stacked vias and build-up lamination technology.

  • Thinner boards -1

    Ultra-thin multi-layered build-up boards utilizing ultra-thin cores, or coreless boards.

  • Thinner boards -2

    By combining flex boards and build-up technology, our Flex rigid boards require no connector boxes, thus saving space, and with laser drilling, we can achieve thinner, smaller boards.

  • Downsizing -1

    Achieve downsizing with the latest laser drilled via shaping, and improved fine-pitch wiring density

  • Downsizing -2

    By combining flex boards and build-up technology, our Flex rigid boards require no connector boxes, thus saving space, and with laser drilling, we can achieve thinner, smaller boards.

  • Connection reliability

    By utilizing the board edges with half-through hole technology, we increase the area and adhesion of solder, thus providing better connectivity.

  • Conserving space

    By utilizing component mountable cavities, we are able to lower the board's height and save space.

  • High durability and high reliability

    Experienced in supplying boards requiring high durability and high reliability in our multi-layer through-hole boards for the automotive, medical, and industrial (robotics) industries.

  • Multi-pin densification

    Using laser processing and semi-additive patterning, we can provide higher pin count with higher density.

  • Small quantity, large variety

    We have solutions for your small quantity large variety issues.

  • Prototype short delivery

    Capable of very short delivery times.

  • Mass production

    Open to suggestions such as Overseas production or VE, VA that will increase competetiveness.

  • Security

    We offer the service and support that only a trusted PCB maker can offer.

Total Support System

Daisho Denshi"Total Support System" flexibly corresponds to all customer's needs From R&D,Design through manufacturing,Surface mount,and Assembly by printed circuit board manufacturing based cutting-edge technology.

Under our 'Customer Comes First' policy,Daisho Denshi corresponds to all customer's needs our Total Support system since established.
Due to the shorter life-span of products on the market today, we should provide to help the customer find the perfect solutions.
Daisho Denshi uses every facet of its long experience and history of technology, know-how, and networking in order to aid in the development, design , simulation testing, and production of cirfuit boards, along with the tools used to produce, test, inspect, install, and assemble packages, down to reliability testing in order to help the customer needs. We flexibly corresponds to not only our Total Support System but also each process order .

Design and manufacturing flow

01Board design
With over 30 years of experience in pattern design, we also provide optimization of design tools and specifications, and various simulation analysis such as conductor line to meet your needs. . And with our two shift system, we provide help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to effectively decreas lead times. ,Our CAD system corresponds with various systems. Please visit here for more information.
02Substrate manufacturing
We have been manufacturing PWBs with insistance of quality and "Made in Japan" pride at our two major factories in Tochigi and Iwate Japan. We not only provide high volume mass production items, but will also help in design and research so our customers can have that one-step-ahead technology that they will want in their top of the line products. Furthermore, we can depend upon our certified manufacturing partners domestic and abroad in order to meet the customer's needs. 
03Carrier jig
The most efficient means for assemblying ultra thin substrates, is Magic Resin Carrier.  This carrier keeps thin boards, even flexible circuits in place during assembly without the use of tape, thus eliminating the extra work when loading, and improving the quality of the assembly process. Used domestically, but suitable in overseas facilities as well, we offer full support for the quality of all parts of this carrier.
04Component mounting
Our assembly group knows substrates, so we can offer component mounted boards with high quality and faster lead times using 0402 chips.  We can also supply prototypes.  Ready to supply lead free products using Florence cleaning to maintain the environment.  We are experienced with low-heat lead free solder, so we will not damage your priced components.  Please give us a try.


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