Frequently Asked Questions


When was the company established ?
September 9, 1968.
What about your environment policy?
We strive to improve the earth's environment, and conduct projects with emphasis on the environment. 
Your approach to CSR?
We promote activities in compliance with the international "EICC(Electric Industry Code of Contuct) behavior regulations" as per standards in the electronics industry, compiled in "DAISHO DENSHI CSR basic policy".
Your approach to BCP?
Have compiled a BCP manual in case of disaster by the following four basics policies. 
1. Prioritize the safety and security of their personnel and their families.
2. Take responsibility for supplying customer's orders in full. 
3. Utmost attention towards recovery reconstruction of the community.
4. Strive for fast recovery of business, and minimal loss. 
Any certifications from International Standards Agencies?
ISO9001: 2015 fiscal edition, ISO14001: 2015 fiscal version certification awarded.
What is your major business?
Pattern design and various simulation
Semi-conductor packaging substrates
Flex-rigid substrates
Module build-ups and multilayer substrates
Cavity boards
Magic resin carrier
Component mounting

Regarding requests

Can you offer help in the development stage?
We want to help aggressively. 
What information do you need to provide a price quote?
Dimensions, wiring density, layer construction, materials, surface treatment, special specifications, number of production lots, etc. Please make an inquiry. 
We will require over 100 various type prototypes, would you be able to provide them?
Can we take a tour of your factory(s)?
A basic tour of the factory is allowed, but some areas cannot be shown for reasons of confidentiality. 
Can you export your product?
Exportation is no problem. As a matter of fact, they are on the rise.
What do I need to do if I want to procure components?
Please contact Tochigi second factory board mounting +(81):3-3722-4071
Are you able to give a presentation introducing your various products?
We can comply to your request, Please inquire.
What do I need to have a carrier built?
Please contact Tochigi second plant FE division: at +(81) 288-26-5831and provide your carrier's drawing or CAD data.
How short is your lead time for prototypes?
Please inquire.

About "total support system"

Just how far is your "support"?
From board design to manufacture, from component procurement to component mounting, anything involving circuit boards. 
Can we request only the processes we need?
Not a problem.
Can we acquire components for prototypes?
Aside from specialty boards or customized boards, there should not be a problem. 

About products

Can you design wiring widths and layer dimensions for high frequency circuits?
Yes, using our simulation system.
What types of materials do you use?
Almost any organic material (excepting PPE materials) Please inquire. 
Can you control impedance?
Can you make single sided, or double sided flexible boards?
Can you attach solder balls?
How many layers can you make on a coreless board?
Up to eight layers.
How many layers can you make on an ultra thin board?
Depending upon the number of layers, but our 3 layer board is 80 microns. Please inquire.
Can you make cavity boards?
Yes. Please check our cavity board page.
What is your narrowest conductor pitch?
We have begun working with a line/space 10 microns /10 microns.
How many reflow cycles can Magic Resin endure?
At normal reflow temperatures (260 C for 3 sec.) customers have claimed to reuse magic resin 200 to 2,000 times. (We cannot guarantee usage based on temperatures.) 
How many types of Magic Resin are there?
Kind of magic resin
- T ype-K100H(retaining strength/weakest)
- T ype-K100S(weak)
- T ype-K200H(weak)
- T ype-C100(moderate)
- T ype-K200S(moderate)
- T ype-T100M(strong/moderate)
- T ype-T200M(strong)
- T ype-T200S(strongest)

[Non-silicon/Siloxane free]
- Magic resin sheet Type-ZERO/H(retaining strengh/weak)
- Magic resin sheet Type-ZERO/M(moderate)
- Magic resin sheet Type-ZERO/S(strong)

 *100, 200 indicate thickness. 100 μ m, 200 μ m.
 *Resin hardness: indicated by "H" (hard) "M" (medium) and "S"(soft)
Regarding magnet carrier
Can be used in place of Magic Resin Carrier when the Magic Resin does not perform as well. 
*For domestic (Japan) sale only due to regulations on airlines and transporters. 

About design

Can we request only simulation?
What types of CAD are used?
Zuken CR-8000 Design Force
Zuken CR-5000 Board Designer
Zuken CR-5000 PWS
Cadence APD ( Allegro Package Designer)
How many designers do you employ?
23(including oversea design designer).
What information do you need to provide a design price quote?
Total pin number (circuit drawing)
Substrate (outline drawing)
Number of components (part list)
Board specifications (number of layers, minimum of L/S, VIA configuration)
Can you make Gerber data from just a board?
On a two-layer design, we can recreate the patterns, but it might be difficult to control characteristic impedance and other functions.
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