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Policy & Slogan

We expect the previous nature through the printed wiring board.

Base Policy

At Daisho Denshi, we strive to maintain a good environment on earth, and abide to strict guidelines regarding the environment.


Let's strive to pass on an abundance of nature on our small planet for every generation

Action policy

We declare the following action policies so that the productive activity of a high density printed circuit board/ jigs, tools, the product, and the service continuously improves the impact on the environment.

  • We evaluate the environmental impact, set targets, take actions in order to accomplish the plan we made, execute, confirm the result, and reviews.
  • We abide by regulations related to the environment and other requirements the customer requires, establish a self management standard, and make an effort to further environmental preservation.
  • In order for all workers to act with consideration to the environment, the educational activity concerning the environmental impact and information transmission is carried out.
  • All factors of our environment policy are accessible to the public.
  • We strive toward resource conservation, the decrease of environmental pollution and the prevention of biodiversity in business activities.
  1. Efficiency of energy use and reduction of carbon-dioxide emissions
  2. Separation of waste / recycling project
  3. Promotion of green materials procurement
  4. Promotion of preventive measures of chemical-attributable environmental pollution
President :Naotoshi Shinozaki